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  1. I am team #itsafeaturenotabug

    I always tell people the Sorcerous Moons book are like one big story and I am jealous first time readers can read them all in a row.

    I know there were complaints about the “slow” pace of The Orchid Throne but as I’ve said before I loved the fact we get to know Lia and Con as individuals before they meet each other. As a reader I was much more invested in the romance because of that. Not everything needs to be non-stop action all of the time.

    As an aside I would not classify any of your books I’ve read as slow. I may say something about a book having a slow start, but I rarely mean that as a criticism. Obviously people’s mileage varies.

    I also think you are strong on banter/humor and making character’s opposing motivations clear even when they are working towards the same goal. Your characters are multi-dimensional and are not interchangeable.

    You know where I stand on the novella vs short novel for The Lost Princess Returns as I need my resolutions. NEED I say (okay just really really want, but there are multiple threads that should be addressed and several payoffs you have seeded in the earlier books waiting to come to fruition.)

    Enjoy the virtual conference.

    1. they really are one big story, though I didn’t realize that when I started. Lesson learned! Thanks for the thumbs up on everything 🙂

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