4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – May 12, 2020”

  1. I had to read Lord of the Flies for school twice! (Air Force brat so I went to 11 different schools). I don’t remember reading Where the Red Fern Grows, but saw the movie when I was in grade school and was devastated (wasn’t during school though).

    Born in 68, I started Kindergarten when I was four. Don’t remember what grades I read it in, just that loathed it even more the second time.

  2. “she would make a good drug lord” – that’s a hilarious compliment 😉

    awww @ kitty manipulations

    I’ve never read or watched Lord of the Flies either (nor desired to). Not sure about several of the others. I’ve never understood why having things die seems to be a requirement for children’s books to get awards, but it’s probably what’s put me off “award-winning” things in general. There was a book with a horse dying in a particular stupid fashion that really scarred me. Also, Bridge to Terabithia was particularly awful, given that the girl was the only interesting part of that book (and who I identified with, of course).

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