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  1. You’ve already lined up a number of my autobuys. More possible guests: Bree & Donna aka Kit Rocha, Piper J Drake, Reese Ryan, Shannon Stacey (though the latter few do not write fantasy).

    Dream guests would be Nalini Singh, Jayne Ann Krentz, and Beverly Jenkins.

    Good luck with the ads. I sometimes watch/listen to Lindsay Buroker and Jo Lallo’s new podcast and they talk a lot about ads on there, though often their various guests give contradictory advice about them.

    And that album brings back memories!

    1. Im addition to authors, maybe you could interview your editor and publicist, or others if yours are shy or just don’t want to do it.

        1. Just general info about their writing process, WIP, how they deal with ongoing series vs new ones, etc.

          Since you enjoy gardening maybe you could ask your guests what their favorite flower or plant is.

          I think having some planned questions is fine, but what I’ve enjoyed about the interviews you have done is that they feel like a conversation rather than just a Q&A session. Not that Q&As can’t be entertaining, but it is also fun to follow the various tangents that come up with their answers.

    2. Great suggestions! I know all of them personally, except for Jayne Ann Krentz. I’ve met her, but she wouldn’t remember me. Genre isn’t a total dealbreaker unless it’s one I don’t care for 😀
      I agree on the contradictory advice! That’s why I’m going with someone I trust.
      …. where you and me are free to be…. you annnddd meeeeee!

  2. I had pet mice when I was a kid; they weren’t helpful, but they were cute, and didn’t bite us like the hamsters did 😉

    My biggest concern with ads would be that, from what I hear, the rules keep changing as to what works. I don’t think Annie Bellet ever used ads, and she makes a good amount, so a lot of it is luck and/or finding a hungry niche. I wish you luck though!

    Author suggestions: Jane Lindskold, Anne Bishop, Kristen Britain, Julie Czernada, Patricia Briggs, Robin McKinley (yeah, i know, that’s a bit pie-in-the-sky), Doranna Durgin, Kelley Armstrong, Faith Hunter, and Naomi Novik. Oh, and Emily Mah, but I think I found her through you, so she’s probably already on your list.

    I was watching Felicia Day and Amy Okuda twitch-stream the other day and both claimed they weren’t wearing makeup. Such flawless skin is entirely unfair. Or maybe its less of a problem when the game takes up so much of the screen? I definitely feel more like i’m being scrutinized constantly on video calls than in person. Text-chat is my preferred medium.

    1. Ha!
      Annie did luck into a zeitgeist. So did Grace. Without the lightning strike, sometimes we have to try other things…
      Felicia and Amy could’ve been using filters though. You never know. Great suggestions! Some of those are writers I know. I already interviewed Emily once! Thanks 😀

      1. Ah, I was pretty sure I found her through your blog (like Grace Draven, and others), but didn’t remember the details. Maybe I should go re-listen to it now that I’ve read her books, lol.

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