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  1. I told you it was the ne’er-do-well cousin. FTR, I was only on the original pack rat’s side in the minor skirmishes over the pathway in the secret garden and the image of you coming home from your Comic Con then Ireland trip to see he’d laid so many cholla burrs. And only because your daily rants about it were amusing.

    I still remember reading your old blog post about how your husband thought you were the one leaving the cholla burrs all over. The low scale battles have been going on for you for so long.

    But from this willful destruction of your fountain and car it is obvious you have angered the pack rat gods. Who could have imagined pruning that plant would escalate so quickly! So at this point I am all for the relocation of the entire family one way or another.

    Also wanted to say I enjoyed the interview with Amanda yesterday. I still can’t post blog comments on my PC or laptop and didn’t have my phone nearby when I listened. An interview with Leslye should be fun. I always enjoy both of you commenting on one another’s podcasts since I listen to both.

    Looking forward to The Fiery Crown interviews and events. And the book! I agree that I like the more unique and interviewee-specific type of questions as well as blogs that have a particular question they always ask that’s off the beaten path. But I try to keep in mind that I like some of the same old questions when an author is new to me and my favorites are always going to be new to somebody so there needs to be a balance.

    Good luck with the painting.

  2. Re: Discovery of Witches – Yes. I *like* big books, but it was definitely bloated. I tried the second one and it was worse (also, very little happens to resolve the problems setup in the first one). If she just took out all the food references, it would be a lot shorter (and I read Estep’s Black Widow books, so, you know, I can tolerate a lot of food-related stuff if it doesn’t feel like filler). The second one was mainly her showing off all her historical knowledge, IMO, and it’s an era I care zero about. For someone who’s excited about those things, it was probably more interesting (like, I loved the Clan of the Bear books, because I’m really into prehistory and survivalist stuff, even though they’re also a bit repetitive and info-dumpy). What confused me the most was how the series was marketed as “the next Harry Potter” (that’s the ad I saw that tempted me, anyways). Other than the fact that they both involve magic, they have virtually nothing in common.

    Also, I really enjoy the author interviews you’ve been doing.

    Oh, and I feel like I should apologize for bombarding you with a bunch of comments at once. I didn’t realize when I decided to catch up with all of your blogs in one night that I would end up leaving so many comments…

    1. No worries on the comments blizzard! It’s kind of fun. I’ve passed 50% on the second Discovery book and it’s exactly as you say. SO MEANDERING. I also have zero romantic interest in this time period. (Plus, it’s driving me fucking crazy that Matthew just lets Kit do whatever. It makes no character sense AT ALL.) Somehow I keep going…
      I agree on Estep’s food porn. It’s all vicarious joy, whereas the Elizabethan England food is… bleh.
      Clever marketing indeed, but they only fool us once that way.

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