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  1. Do you have a tablet? Maybe you could do the Instagram live via a tablet and record the podcast with your phone as you usually do at the same time.

    Not defending the big 5 publishers, but are they able to do all the editing and formatting at home? I imagine most of it could be done easily enough, but I’m picturing someone having the various vendor passwords written only in a small paper tablet that they keep locked in their office desk drawer. But you’re probably right and they don’t want to “leave” print book money on the table which is silly.

    I did read an article that some audio books will be delayed because not all of the voice talent folks that record certain series have home studios in which they can continue to do so. And publishers don’t want to switch narrators midway in a series.

    1. Hmm. That’s an interesting idea. Though cumbersome. I’d need a third hand – or prehensile tail! – for my coffee.
      Well, this book was set to release June 2, which means all the formatting, etc. was done. The Fiery Crown, out May 26, has been done for months.
      Interesting on the voice talents, though! We’re right now talking about recording the audio book for Fiery Crown and no one has mentioned that.

  2. I think I just saw the comment you mentioned. Her take about the lack of actual paper to print books (since it comes from China and Canada) and the way the “just in time” supply-and-demand works on top of not being considered an “essential business” was interesting.

    The domino effect doesn’t have a quick fix for everyone involved.

    1. It was interesting – I only objected to the part about “no print books” = “disaster”

  3. This post was fascinating. I didn’t realize how trad publishers have tunnel vision with regard to ebooks.

    1. Glad it was interesting! Those of us in the industry sometimes forget this stuff isn’t common knowledge…

  4. How are there people that have “run out of books”? I just don’t understand how that’s possible. My TBR of print books alone would probably last a year+ even if I did nothing but read… and my digital TBR is much worse thanks to humble bundles/storybundles and other stuff. I desperately need a magic dimension where I can go to read in stopped time.

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