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  1. I dislike readings as well. I prefer when the author does a Q&A or the author talks about behind-the-scenes stuff as you described, even though I have zero plans to ever write a book. As I’ve said before this often reminds me of those director commentaries on DVDs.

    For multi-author events, perhaps a panel Q&A, so long as everyone gets the chance to talk. This obviously will work better if the authors all write in the same general genre so there’s more of a chance for cross appeal (so maybe not a dark horror writer who graphically describes murders with one who pens cozies with cute animals even though both might be part of the mystery genre).

  2. Most of what I would call “author events” that I’ve been to were book launches, and they were local, of friends. We don’t get authors on tour here (or at least, none that I know/care about). The book launches were usually held more like a party than anything, a celebration that the book was out now (and this included at least one that was self-published). I’ve also been to a couple that were at conventions and they were more like parties as well. So, probably the most important thing is to have some food and drinks 😉

    As far as readings go, I actually really like author readings; it’s one of my favorite things to go to at conventions. It does help if they are good at reading (a skill most authors should probably develop) and if they’ve picked a good piece to read. The event you held at I forget which con, where you read each other’s sex scenes, was especially memorable and entertaining.

    I think what most *readers* want when they go to an author event is a few seconds of one-on-one time with the author. That’s what signings are for (and why, just being able to buy an already signed book is *not* equivalent). People want to connect, even if all they do is smile awkwardly while the author gets their name from a post-it their assistant wrote and signs the book without saying a word.

    We do have authors hold events at the library occasionally (again, usually locals), but then there is usually already a topic planned (like “Hear what Jeffe Kennedy has to say about worldbuilding!”)

    I don’t think I’ve ever been to a multi-author event, but I imagine (to the lesser known author) it’s not much better or worse than being next to one of the big-shots at a convention hall or multi-signing. It’s kind of like being the warm-up band for a concert – they’re still getting a lot more attention than if they were doing it alone.

    1. I do love the parties, too. 😀 Oh, yes! That was with Megan Hart at Coastal Magic. Reading each other’s sex scenes was a total hoot! I should absolutely keep that in mind for adult events. 😀
      You make a really point about the connection, and we don’t always make the time for that. And very true about being the warm-up band! Ed Sheeran used to open for Damien Rice and look how that turned out.

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