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  1. I understand your reasons for wanting to keep things private, but in this instance keeping quiet seemed to equal support of the status quo even if that seems unfair, so I am glad you took a stand publicly. I appreciate that it was difficult for you to so.

    I’m not on twitter, but there was an interesting thread about “calling out” vs “calling in” https://twitter.com/LeeFlower/status/1214370497124880389

  2. I, too, am glad you took a public stance. Remaining silent could be seen, as Library Addict points out, being ok with RWA’s actions. You’re in the business of selling books and even tho it’s heartbreaking that your books won’t get a chance to win a RITA this year, you don’t want to hurt sales by leaving your readers wondering where you stand on this matter, especially as a white woman who has benefited from being part of RWA.

    You could argue that personal politics have no bearing on your product and certainly plenty of arguments are made about liking good things made by problematic creators but as a general rule, I try not to give money to people who are not decent human beings.

    On a lighter note, I’m looking forward to your new books! I was recently re-reading shift of the tide and arrows of the heart – such lovely books. Ami/Ash are my fav pair but Zyr/Karyn are a very close second (I do love them all tho). I also hope that 2020 will be a good year for everyone. I have to catch up on your podcast – fell way behind because I made the terrible mistake of going back to school. I am, in the famous words of Robert Mutaugh, too old for this shit. 🙂

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