THE FATE OF THE TALA has a cover!


Coming December 15, 2019! Preorder here

An Uneasy Marriage,
An Unholy Alliance.

The tales tell of three sisters, daughters of the high king. The eldest, a valiant warrior-woman, conquered her inner demons to become the high queen. The youngest, and most beautiful outlived her Prince Charming and found a strength beyond surface loveliness.

And the other one, Andi? The introverted, awkward middle princess is now the Sorceress Queen, Andromeda—and she stands at the precipice of a devastating war.

As the undead powers of Deyrr gather their forces, their High Priestess focuses on Andi, undermining her at every turn. At the magical barrier that protects the Thirteen Kingdoms from annihilation, the massive Dasnarian navy assembles, ready to pounce the moment Andi’s strength fails. And, though her sisters and friends gather around her, Andi finds that her husband, Rayfe, plagued with fears over her pregnancy, has withdrawn, growing ever more distant.

Fighting battles on too many fronts, Andi can’t afford to weaken, as she’s all that stands between all that’s good in the world and purest evil.

For Andi, the time to grow into her true power has come. . .

4 Replies to “THE FATE OF THE TALA has a cover!”

    1. Yes! I’m just not doing preorders on any of the retailers. As soon as the book is done, I’ll upload it to the retailers and post as links go live! It’s just that the people who preorder through the website will get it a bit soooner. 🙂

    1. I’m finishing it today or tomorrow. A couple of weeks with my editor means I’ll get it back around 1/24. After that, it’s pretty quick, so by the week of January 27, I’m guessing!

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