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  1. (Tried to post this yesterday…)

    Hardy does nothing for me either. Sadly, neither does Harrington for the most part.

    Armitage was great in North & South, but other than Ocean’s 8 I haven’t seen much he’s done lately.

    I think the whole idea of “dream casting” can be fun, but ultimately has the same downsides as when an author writes comparisons into the text (the hero looks like actor x). It can be off putting if the reader doesn’t like the actors in question as much as the author. Also, it can date a book in the same way you said how younger women think “grandpa territory.” It doesn’t take long for today’s hot commonity to turn into tomorrow’s has been (though certainly it’s a longer grace period for males than females but that’s a rant for another day).

    I imagine it’s difficult for bloggers to think up unique questions just like authors don’t like answering the same questions with every interview. I think a good interview has a mix of both, standard info for readers who haven’t read the author before and interesting tidbits for long-time fans.

    1. I think they’ve got it working now! (Thus all the tests.) I agree on dreamcasting. One of the wonderful things about books is we can picture the characters any way we wish. But, yes, – definitely a fun thing to ask when it’s not easy to think up new and unusual questions 🙂

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