The Island of Lost Book Projects

Our topic at the SFF Seven this week is all about the things we want to do. We’re asking everyone to name three projects we’ve been planning to work on for a long while and haven’t yet touched.

It’s kind of like the writer version of the Island of Lost Toys. Come on over to find out mine. 

4 Replies to “The Island of Lost Book Projects”

      1. Yup, I did! Though your comment about no one asking for more left me sitting there dumbfounded, thinking “Wait, we could’ve asked for more?” I didn’t start reading your stuff until a few years ago and I knew this was older, previously published material so I kind of figured it was something you were finished with. Though I would be curious to know what the plan was given you had 2 stories set in the same world with different characters. Unlike the 12 kingdom books and the other related series where everything is connected.

        1. You can always ask for more! But yeah… I had an idea of ultimately connecting various stories and characters. Kind of a long haul to payout though…

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