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  1. I remember how a friend had this long guitar solo on his answering machine. I was annoyed by it and filled his answering machine with a Tom Waits song in revenge. He loved it….

  2. Must–read-in-order readers unite!

    It’s so much easier now with author websites and sites like FictionDB and FantasticFiction to track series.* Plus ebooks that allow one to purchase the earlier books as soon as you learn they exist.

    Not like the old days when you would pick up a book and have (a) no idea it was even part of a series and (b) usually strike-out at Waldenbooks/Borders and then have to snail mail used bookstores around the country trying to track down the earlier titles when you eventually discovered that it was part of a series (usually by reading the later book and wondering when did x or y happen).

    On the rare instances in recent years that I have read a later book in a series first, I have gone back and read the earlier books. So it just saves time to start at the beginning of a series. Plus the emotional payoff is always better.

    Which is why authors should always have the original publication date and series info on their websites. Also why wanting to read one book can easily result in buying five or six.

    *except when they list the order wrong (grumblegrumble)

    1. My superpower back in ye olde days was checking out a later book in the series and never book 1. Attempts to find book 1 almost always failed because for some ungodly reason, the library system didn’t have it. Those were good times! (No, not really.)

    2. All of this is so very true! I was that soldier so many times. WE’RE GOING TO FIX THE ORDER, OKAY??? 😉

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