Lonen’s Reign Release Day!

LONEN’S REIGN, sixth and final book in my Sorcerous Moons romantic fantasy series is out today!!! 

Thus concludes a story I began on February 12, 2016. Just a little over three years to finish this saga. It feels good to wind this one up. Break out the bubbly!


A Looming Threat

The sorceress Oria has finally come into her own—able to wield the power of her birthright and secure in the marriage she once believed would bring her only misery. But the past she escaped still chases her, and the certainty of war promises to destroy everything she’s fought to have.

An Impossible War

Once before Lonen led an army in a desperate attempt to stop the powerfully murderous sorcerers of Bára—and he nearly lost everything. Now he must return to the battlefield that took the lives of so many of his people. Only this time he has more to risk than ever.

The Final Conflict

With guile, determination—and unexpected allies—Oria and Lonen return to the place where it all began… and only hope that it won’t also be the end of them.

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One Reply to “Lonen’s Reign Release Day!”

  1. Got up early to read it then had a long nap.

    I loved it. My favorite of the series. My only “complaint” was I wanted more Buttercup 😉 🙂

    Thanks for completing the series! It was well worth the wait.

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