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  1. No Saturday morning yoga?

    The “preview” of Year of the Comet is actually part of a scene near the beginning of the film. There’s at least one scene before it. It’s setting up that she’s smarter than people give her credit for and that Penelope Ann Miller’s character thinks Tim Daly’s character is…not.

    Once the film gets out of London and goes to Scotland and France it’s better. Though as I said the whole subplot involving Louis Jourdan’s character is rather cheesy. I know I am undoubtedly letting nostalgia color my view of the film as I actually saw it in the theatre. The film never did seem to be able to make up its mind if was more comedy or mystery. FWIW, the actual trailer is on Youtube.

    I wanted to see Greenbook until I read the articles about how it was an entirely made up relationship and that Donald Shirley’s family was never consulted about the script. Apparently he was never actually estranged from his family and he turned down offers to have a film made based on his life when he was alive. I figured I’d eventually watch it on DVD.

    1. Ha! No, not today. The roads are bad and I’m still kind of babying myself so I don’t get *really* sick.

      Good to know on the actual trailer. I don’t know why Amazon does that…

      So, I read that stuff, too – but then I read other stuff that the son recorded all kinds of interviews with his dad about the relationship, and there’s been a film clip found where Shirley refers to the friendship. It’s sounding more and more like the family are being shits about it, more than anything. And, notably, Shirley was estranged from that family, so…

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