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  1. Seeing how there are several stories about fans ‘guessing’ correctly what Hodor’s name is about before it was revealed, I wonder if those ‘guesses gave him the idea. I mean: I did this myself as a storyteller with Roleplaying games. My players would sometimes come up with what evil plots my characters were working on that sounded too good not to use. And if you ask him: he will never tell! I never did either ?

  2. I laughed at your “wild animal attack” 😉

    I’m surprised you can watch Game of Thrones (based on your reasons for not reading the books). I had to stop because of the amount of misery/bad things happening/good never triumphs. I stopped after the first season and even before that Gary would pre-watch the episodes and we would fast forward through some parts (after a particularly traumatic scene that still bothers me). Maybe one day I can get a cliff-notes version that just has Arya and Danaerys doing awesome stuff.

    Purrs! 🙂

    I’ve heard the term “plantser” as well, for people who do a bit of both.

    1. So wild!

      It’s funny – I can watch stuff that I can’t read. I think my imagination makes things so much worse when I read, and I get so much more emotionally involved. With movies and TV shows,I can disengage.

      I’m glad you could hear the purrs!

      Yeah – I’ve heard planster too. Really, I think that it’s, as with all things, a spectrum – people fall out at various places along the line, which is really a sphere 😀

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