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  1. I will say that when I got my first blurbs, I had no idea I could contact the authors. I felt unworthy! I thought they didn’t want to be bugged. They had been bugged enough just by giving me a blurb. (My editor acquired them.) My peeps never told me I could or I should thank the authors. Finally, after a few weeks, I asked my editor if I could thank them. I seriously did not know. She said, “Of course!” and promptly sent me their email addresses. I sent them emails and received some of the best responses by people I admired beyond belief. It was quite a surreal experience. But, yeah, debut authors know NOTHING about how the industry works and the expected etiquette therein. Now, of course, I know how “rude” that is, but I do give new authors a pass, having been there.

    1. That’s really great insight, Darynda – thanks so much for weighing in. I think because I came from a long nonfiction career before I turned to fiction, I knew more about how the industry and community works. We did talk about that maybe they don’t know. Maybe we won’t hate them FOREVER 😉

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