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  1. So, having just finished Dragons of Summer … The ending is like delicious torment. And we haven’t even gotten to read the third Dasnarian book yet! Argh! Also, talk about a cliffhanger? And we still don’t even know who the next book will be about… I really just came here to praise/complain about the ending, and then thought it was funny that you were talking about endings already 😉

    1. Heh. So, does what I *said* about endings mesh with what I did with the ending? And it’s not a cliffhanger! It’s … open ended. O:-)
      I can tell you, though, that planning where each of these threads would weave in and halt according to release date – which is NOT the order I wrote them in – proved to be a real challenge!

      1. I swear I replied to your reply. I think it auto-filled the wrong email address though and got lost in spam filters or something…

  2. I have had plenty of experiences with both. Unfair or not, if the ending wows it does leave me with a more positive feeling about a book. Whereas if I am enjoying a book and the ending tanks it leaves a negative feeling. Depending upon my familiarity with the author I may still consider the book a keeper, albeit a somewhat disappointing one. A poor ending may leave me more reluctant to try a new-to-me author again.

    I admit I was really happy to get more “closure” with both The Snows of Windroven and The Dragons of Summer. I think Amelia & Ash really needed it. Not that everything needs to be perfectly spelled out or tied up in a neat bow. There was just a slight sense of “unfinishedness” at the end of The Tears of the Rose that wasn’t address in the final book of the trilogy.

    And while Ursula & Harlan’s HEA was never in doubt, there were lingering questions due to the political upheaval in the overarching story. So it was nice to have a few of those concerns addressed in their novella. But I am biased as they are my favorites, so I would read whatever you wanted to write about them.

    Whereas since we see a lot of Andi & Rayfe in the later books I never felt there were unresolved issues either in their personal relationship or as things related to their rule that needed closure as there were for her sisters’ stories.

    But I read the first three books fairly close together, so people who read them all as they released with the wait time between books may see the situation differently.

    1. For some reason, I had to fish this comment out of spam. Sorry for the delay there – I only check the (copious) spam comments every few days.
      Interesting that you had the same experience with endings as I have. Fair or not, I think it’s a real phenomenon.
      Yeah… On The Tears of the Rose, I’m not sure what I was thinking, that I left their relationship so unresolved. I was still working the day job then and I think I might’ve been burning the candle at both ends, as it were 🙂
      I love that you love Ursula and Harlan!

  3. It’s a “I want to see that happen! Now!” I mean, we know Jenna is alive, obviously, but not what she’s been doing for last X years. The Harlan/Ursula stuff was your nice happy ending though, very satisfying. The other thing was just such a TEASE.

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