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  1. We’re also planning to go to Dublin Worldcon. I’ve never even left this continent, but we’ve both always wanted to visit Ireland. Totally overwhelmed by the decisions related to it. Ah well.

    1. Oh cool! Apparently AirBNB is MUCH cheaper than the hotels. I was lucky that Assistant Carien was willing to find a place for the three of us. That definitely reduced the overwhelming factor for me. I imagine she’d be willing to give you advice. I plan to look at plane tickets in January – possibly flying to Heathrow and then hopping over to Ireland, as that might be the most cost-effective. I’ll let you know what I find out!

      1. Thanks 🙂

        I’d really prefer to stay at the convention hotel if I can afford it, so I can easily take breaks as needed, but since they haven’t even opened the rooms yet (or listed prices), it’s stressing me out. Plus, we want to spend some time being tourists afterwards (not necessarily in Dublin, just somewhere ‘over there’), and it’s like “how long should we try to stay?”, “where?”, “doing what?” – augh… #firstworldtouristproblems

        1. I have a list of hotels and their distances to the convention center and pricing – picked it up at WorldCon San Jose. Booking opens Jan 9. Maybe I can scan it for you…

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