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  1. Well, I thought Exile of the Seas was fantastic, and I love it! Ranks right up right there with the middle sister and the librarian (sorry, I don’t remember book titles or character names most of the time) as my favorites of yours. I was debating whether or not to recommend it to my mom, who loves elephants more than anything, but not sure if she’d make it through the bad stuff (i mean what happens to the character, not bad writing) in the first one…

    1. Oh, that’s great to hear! And I know exactly which books you mean. 🙂 (The Mark of the Tala and The Pages of the Mind, for anyone else wondering.) I know some people have picked up EXILE without reading PRISONER – maybe she could do that?

  2. I was considering that, but I can’t remember if she’s as OCD as me about “books will not be read out of order”.

    My mom is really snobby about what she’s willing to read already (along the lines of it must be “literature” or serve a “purpose”). It’s weird to me b/c she still has/is fond of all her narnia, tolkien, nancy drew, etc. stuff from childhood, and she certainly supported us reading and never tried to limit what we read. I wanted her to read Mark of the Tala and she wouldn’t because I admitted it has sex in it (eye roll). It would be nice if I could get her to broaden her horizons a little. I think a lot of it is an act/script where she’s been taught that “this is what adults are supposed to read,” but then she rarely seems to enjoy the books. Meanwhile, my dad wouldn’t read anything at all until after I left for college, and he finally figured out books could be fun, but now he will try any book I suggest (though to be fair, I haven’t been brave enough to suggest a romance book, yet. Several of HIS choices have had sex in them, but I can’t remember if any of it’s other than male-gaze-oriented — maybe the Gears’?).

    ps. this captcha thing really hates me

    1. I’m the same way about reading out of order. And I get that about the romance/sex snobbiness. Some people – especially women of that generation, I think – see it as “trash” and won’t budge from that.

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