4 Replies to “First Cup of Coffee – September 3, 2018”

  1. Having that wodka tonic is a sort of ritual I think and that’s why it helps, not just because it’s alcohol. We all have rituals we sometimes aren’t even aware of.

    As for changing actors and such: I think it’s interesting to see how different actors work for different people. For example: my mother loves Joan Hickson as Miss Marple, while she never worked for me. Then the BBC cast Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple in their Marple series, and she was totally my Miss Marple.

    1. That’s a good point about ritual. And I was drinking those cans of vodka and soda, which are only 5% alcohol, so pretty low impact.

      And very true about different actors for different people!

  2. I think I saw the POV comments you’re complaining about, and I had a similar reaction. I think part of the problem (in general), is that the less people know, the more they think they know, whereas, when you know a lot about something, you realize how much you don’t know. Therefore, the people who know the least are the most likely to feel qualified to give advice.

    1. Oh, yeah – I’ll bet you did see those! Don’t out me, okay? 😀 I think you’re spot on with that analysis. I’d only add that people who know the least want to “prove” themselves and so go crazy giving advice, not realizing how bad it can make them look…

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