Preorder live for THE SNOWS OF WINDROVEN!

I shared this cover for THE SNOWS OF WINDROVEN in the newsletter, but now I’m posting it widely. Ash is the first of my heroes to get a cover – fitting, huh? – and it was interesting to work with the artist on how he should look. Giving an actual face to the image in my head isn’t easy, and even worse knowing all you Ash-lovers would have strong opinions! On the last pass I realized that she’d made his eyes kind of gray/blue and the final change I asked for was to make them Ash’s distinctive, uncanny apple-green. She pointed out that no one would see his eyes as they’re so small on the cover, and I was all, OH NO, YOU DON’T KNOW THESE PEOPLE – THEY ARE GOING TO ZOOM IN.
C’mon. You know you did.
Anyway, for those who’ve been out of the loop, THE SNOWS OF WINDROVEN is a novella that takes place in the Twelve Kingdoms/Uncharted Realms timeline kind of concurrent with THE PAGES OF THE MIND and THE EDGE OF THE BLADE, but just before THE SHIFT OF THE TIDE. It is a romantic continuation, however, of Ash and Amy’s affair way back in THE TEARS OF THE ROSE – and told from Ash’s point of view. 
Are you all going to start asking for more from the heroes? It could maybe happen.
Right now you can still get this novella in AMID THE WINTER SNOW, where you’ll also get amazing midwinter novellas from Grace Draven, Thea Harrison and Elizabeth Hunter. But on March 12, that anthology will disappear forever and this will go on sale as a standalone. 

A new power is at work in the Twelve Kingdoms, unbalancing the fragile peace. For the High Queen and her sisters, it might mean a new alliance—or the end of the love of a lifetime…

As a howling blizzard batters the mountain keep of Windroven, Ami, Queen of Avonlidgh, and her unofficial consort Ash face their own storm. Their passion saved them from despair, but Ash knows a scarred, jumpy ex-convict isn’t the companion his queen needs. He’s been bracing himself for the end since their liaison began. When it finally comes, the shattering of his heart is almost a relief.

With a man haunted by nightmares and silent as stone, Ami knows only that Ash’s wounds are his own to hide or reveal. She can’t command trust. But just as they are moving apart, a vicious attack confines them together, snowbound and isolated with an ancient force awakening within Windroven itself. If they truly mean to break their bond, Ami and Ash must first burn through a midwinter that will test every instinct—and bring temptation all too near…

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    Guilty as charged! *cackles evilly* Even though I already have the anthology, I’m still getting this. Even if it’s only to zoom in on the eyes. 😉

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