Patreon Treats Are Up!

Detente and CircumstancesBox of Rogue's Pawn print copiesI got a surprise box in the mail the other day of ROGUE’S PAWN in print! Harlequin decided to resurrect this, my first fantasy romance and my first novel, and send print copies via their Direct-to-Consumer subscription program. I don’t think it will be up for general sale in print (ebooks are available, though), but I do have all of these lovely copies! If you’d like one, just drop me a note with your physical mailing address. 

The Covenant of Thorns trilogy, not incidentally, is super fun because of the chapter titles, like the one above. They’re all some kind of joke, even if they amuse only myself. 

In other news, I put up my first Patreon posts! I’ve got a public post up on overtraining syndrome for writers on my Patreon for Writers. I also have a special treat only for patrons on my Patreon for Readers. It’s a from Rayfe’s point of view, where he first learns about the betrothal, years before the beginning of The Mark of the Tala. Aside from being read aloud at the Coastal Magic Convention, no one else has seen it. A little exclusive content for my wonderful patrons! A special exclusive Thing is coming up next week just for writers on their Patreon page. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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  1. Hi, I discovered you through Suzanne Johnson’s blog and tore through the Twelve Kingdoms and eagerly awaiting Dafne’s story. Would love a copy of Rogue’s Pawn. Thanks!

    1. Oh thanks!! 🙂 That makes me ever so happy to hear!

      There will be two Dafne stories – a novella that picks up in the aftermath of TALON OF THE HAWK, which will be out May 24 in FOR CROWN AND KINGDOM, then THE PAGES OF THE MIND, her full novel, is out May 31. Happy to send a copy of ROGUE’S PAWN. I need your mailing addy. Jeffe at JeffeKennedy dot com. Are you on the newsletter list? If not, do you want to be? 😀

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