Worldcon 2016


Kansas City, MO | August 17-21, 2016

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‘Have at You!’: Writing a Great Fight Scene

Thursday 11:00 – 12:00, 2210 (Kansas City Convention Center)

Fight scenes are a hard beast to write. Who’s hitting who and why? How do you describe what is happening? What’s that guy doing on the floor? How is the protagonist going to react, given her history? And wow, was that just a scratch, or did it take that other person’s leg off?! In this session panelists explore the different ways to experience a good fight scene in science fiction and fantasy, as writers, readers and martial artists.

Eva Elasigue (M), Dr. Claire McCague, Kathryn Sullivan, Jeffe Kennedy, Steven Gould

Happily Ever After…?

Thursday 12:00 – 13:00, 2504B (Kansas City Convention Center)

After the shocking news that Han and Leia were not destined to live happily ever after, what are the chances for our favourite – and not so popular – fictional couples? How many can realistically be considered to have a Happily Ever After, and if not, where might they be better off?

Brooke Johnson, Jeffe Kennedy, Christie Meierz, Meg Frank

Writing Erotica

Wednesday 16:00 – 17:00, 2208 (Kansas City Convention Center)

Erotica might be said to be created to stimulate or sexually arouse the reader or viewer. We ask what the difference is between erotica and pornography, what the place of erotica is within the sf community and its works and perhaps even share the odd tip as to what makes good – or bad – erotica.

Adult Content. Not for Children.

Rachael Acks, Christie Meierz, Belinda McBride, Jeffe Kennedy, Darlene Marshall (M)

Being Jessica Jones

Saturday 17:00 – 18:00, 2207 (Kansas City Convention Center)

Trigger Warning: Due to the nature of the show, this session will include discussion of a sensitive nature.
The powerhouse Netflix series Jessica Jones tackles difficult subjects relating to domestic violence and rape. It does so from the perspective of a survivor and raises valuable questions about society and gender. This is within the environment of the Marvel universe. Jessica Jones’ appeal is to comic fans and those who are looking for complex representations of women on television. We discuss the show and its impact.
Adults only

Elizabeth McCarty (M), Aurora Celeste, Anna Raftery, Tui Sutherland, Jeffe Kennedy



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