Denver, Colorado | October 20–23, 2016

In fantasy literature, women are revolutionary. They are queens, dragon-tamers, witches, and monsters. They adventure, they conjure, they rise, and they rule. They are bold, clever, kind, and powerful. These women inhabit worlds different from our own, where women authors have given them extraordinary opportunities: to grow, to love, to fight, and sometimes to save the world.

Sirens is a conference dedicated to the diverse, remarkable women of fantasy literature: readers, authors, scholars, librarians, educators, publishing professionals, and characters. Sirens is a place where a woman can, without shame or irony, declare herself a queen, a dragonmaster, a general. A place where women aren’t constrained by what our real-world society demands. A light in a world that frequently excludes us.

For 2016, Sirens’s theme is lovers, as we examine the idea that in fantasy literature, as in the real world, whom we choose to love changes us—and helps us change the world.

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