Personal Best – Chasing that Moving Target

shoelacesI have not always been this person I am these days. The one who puts on her cross-trainers to run in the morning and later to walk at my treadmill desk. In fact, I recall this one time that my colleagues teased me about it. I arrived to work with them in Salt Lake City after the main team had been there a couple of days already. We were starting a big project and a bunch of newbies were being trained. I walked in the room, having just flown in, and my boss says, “I told you all that would be Jeffe.” I asked how she knew and she said by the clicking of my heels. I happened to be wearing a pair of high-heeled Enzo Angiolini boots I still miss – a lovely light buff suede that eventually became too soiled to rescue – that I’d bought at DSW in Boston on another work trip. At any right I told her that heels didn’t necessarily mean me and she said no, but that I always wear them. Then she asked me if I even owned a pair of sneakers or athletic shoes.

At the time, no, I did not.

Like I said, I’m a different person now. Especially since I’ve learned to tie my shoelaces correctly.

It’s funny to remember this, but once upon a time, tying my shoelaces was a Big Freaking Deal. I must have been five, in Kindergarten, and I got pulled out of class for a series of days for “Special Tutoring.” Because I could not tell time or tie my shoelaces. I know, right? With the telling time thing, keep in mind that they wanted me to be able to on an analog clock and we had all digital clocks at home. With the shoelaces…we’ll get to that.

So, this was kind of humiliating for me. I mean, I saw myself as a smart kid. I could already read on my own by then. I’d shocked the hell out of my mom by spelling, then sounding out the name of our grocery store. (Naturally, words were my first and best skill.) I really hated feeling stupid about the time thing and the shoelace thing. Frustrated, too, because despite all that Special Tutoring, I still got it wrong easily half the time.

Looking back, I’ve realized I probably had dyslexia. I only figured this out in college, when I was tired and actually saw a road sign arrow flip back and forth horizontally. It explained the analog clocks that showed me two different times at once, my baffling tendency to run the ball over the wrong goal line and those shoelaces that wouldn’t stay tied.

It’s amusing then to find out that I’d been tying my shoelaces WRONG. After all that Special Tutoring, they didn’t even teach me correctly.

If you don’t know, there IS a correct way to tie shoelaces so that they don’t come undone. Even better, this knot tightens as you run or walk.

All goes to continuing to grow, improve and learn new things. One of the many bounties of the Internet, that we can escape the embarrassment and frustration of Special Tutoring.


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  1. Hi Jeffe,

    This morning I stumbled across your website, books, blog, etc..
    I was reading some posts on Melinda Leigh’s Facebook page and was brought to you through your comments/posts about the treadmill desk. I’m very excited to start reading your books!! I’m a HUGE fan of Phantom of the Opera so naturally Master of the Opera is where I’ll be starting with your books! 🙂
    I just had to comment on your post here, the part near the end about tying shoelaces so they don’t come undone…Great video, thanks for sharing that.
    When I was in my ummmm, 40’s!!..I was frustrated when a favorite pair of shoes were constantly coming untied and someone “taught me” how to tie my laces. lol
    It’s almost like having your laces “double knotted” without the frustration of the never ending tangled mess whey you go to untie them… When you make the first loop, instead of only going around the loop once before you finish off the tying, go around the first loop TWICE. Hasn’t failed me yet!
    I’m off now to go order my first Master of the Opera book….

    1. Hi Kelly! How fun that you got here through my treadmill desk evangelism! 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what you think of Master of the Opera. That’s such a cool trick about tying laces – I’ll have to try that. Thanks for stopping by – it’s lovely to “meet” you!

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