A Concatenation of (Mostly Unfortunate) Events

day jobYou ever had one of those mornings?

You know, where one mishap leads to the next until it begins to feel like everything is happening at once?

Yeah. So, this was my morning.

1. Get up at 5 am for important day job conference call with East Coast people. Discover Jackson has brought in a mouse. It’s under the treadmill part of my treadmill desk and cannot be gotten. I decide a shower and coffee-acquisition should take higher priority.

2. Have call, hoping mouse isn’t grinding up in treadmill motor

3. Post call, and post post-call, get more coffee, feed cats, who are no longer interested in mouse

4. New daybed is arriving between 8:15 and 9:15. Assist previously procrastinating man with moving futon couch bed out of guest room/office to make room for day bed delivery

5. Man decides we should take pics for Craigslist ad. Easier to just agree.

6. Movement of furniture gets cats excited, renewed interest in mouse. Suspect it’s in treadmill motor compartment (has happened before)

7. Get screwdrivers and vacuum to open compartment and clean-out while open, which has to be done every few months anyway.

8. Plug vacuum into APC power supply, which blows, taking monitor and day job VOIP phone offline.

9. No mouse in motor compartment!

10. But is now clean.

11. APC is dead.

12. Rearranged cords and outlets, back online.

13. Daybed guys arrive.

14. Jackson pretends mouse never existed and investigates new day bed (above).

All of this before 8:30 in the morning.

Send chocolate.

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