Eight Maids a’Milking & a Hunk for the Holidays!

AllIWantCowboyThis Twelve Days of Gifts Giveaway has ended up being so much fun for me! It’s almost like having a special holiday date with each of my besties.

Today I have my local chapter buddy and lovely friend, Katie Lane, visiting!

She does cowboys, lemme tell you. And where I tend to go naughty, Katie is oh-so sweet. In fact, the story I tell in this video is all about her. If you look closely, you can see her down the table, laughing at me.

That’s my Katie!

And here she is to tell you about her giveaway.


The Twelve Daysroll-in-the-hay-cowboy of Christmas.  Who doesn’t love this jaunty song about twelve days of gift giving?  Although you do have to wonder what the songwriter’s true love was thinking.  I mean his gifts seem pretty random.  Seven swans a swimming?  Eight maids a milking?  Personally, I think True Love did what my husband frequently does—waits until the very last minute to do his Christmas shopping.  Since all the marketplace stalls in London were closed for the holidays, True Love was stuck with whatever he could find at the castle keep—or at the nearest Walgreens. 

“Six geese a laying?  Great!  Bring them up to the house on Monday after the five golden rings on Sunday, but before the chia pet on Tuesday.”Hunk for the Holidays cover_hi res

I can only imagine the wife’s face when she got the flock of fowl and horde of dancers and musicians.  “Umm . . . thank you, dear, I’ve always wanted three French hens.  And the lords a leaping are . . . uhh . . . extremely agile.  Not to mention that, with eight maids a milking, I can have hot cocoa whenever I want.” 

And speaking of hot cocoa, leave a comment about your most random Christmas gift and be entered to win Two $10 gift cards to Starbucks along with a signed copy of Hunk for the Holidays—which just happens to be on sale this month for only $1.99!


Thank you, Miss Jeffe, for letting me be a part of your Twelve Days:o)016


10 Replies to “Eight Maids a’Milking & a Hunk for the Holidays!”

  1. I just wanted to stop by and wish everyone luck in the giveaway and Happy Holidays! I hope y’all get a lot of random gifts this season because those are usually the most memorable–I would not forget a chia pet or eight maids a milking:o)

  2. My most random gift would have to have been a Mr. Potato head when I was 17 or 18. No story behind it, very odd… to this day, I don’t get it. Maybe I should have asked…

  3. Congrats Catherine!! I agree a Mr. Potato Head is rather random for a teenager, but I love those little guys. So I’ll be shipping off your gift cards and book ASAP. (Or as soon as Miss Jeffe gets me your info.) Happy Holidays!

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