Eleven Pipers & the Divine Ms D!

fifthgraveWe’re counting down to Christmas and today, instead of offering you eleven pipers piping, which could get seriously irritating pretty damn fast, I have one of my local chapter friends offering something even better!

Darynda Jones is a mega-selling Big Deal Author, it’s true. However, she’s also a member of the Land of Enchantment Romance Authors (LERA), my local RWA chapter. When I moved to Santa Fe a few years ago, I never expected that I’d become part of this truly close, supportive and awesome group of authors. Another LERA gal, Katie Lane, will be handling the Eight Maids a Milking Day.

Today is our LERA Christmas Party, so I get to leave in a few hours to spend some time with these gals who are truly part of my greater family. We’ll be posting pics, so look for those later today!

On to the presents!

Darynda is giving away a digital copy of any of her books – winner’s choice – and a $25 iTunes gift card. Check out her Facebook post on this! Or refer back to my original post for rules.

Good luck everyone! I hope you get to spend some festive time with your besties, too.

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  1. Face book
    Share and all. Don’t know what a hash tag is but am hoping more people I know will read the series so when I laugh out loud to myself I can share and other will understand the joy from reading her books

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