Enforced Peace

003A bit of found art – or found cuteness. This is a neckwarmer bunny that I’d set aside. When I walked past later, it struck me just how serendipitously it had fallen, making a very peaceful tableau.

More peace is always good.

In the mornings, when I feed the kitties, I stay to watch them eat. If I don’t, Jackson – younger, faster, and more ravenous – will finish his and head over to Isabel’s bowl. He’ll nudge her out of the way and, remarkably, she’ll let him. I keep thinking this will change as he’s no longer a kitten, but he’s at a year and a half now and she still cuts him that baby slack. So I stay and watch, keeping him away until she’s done.

She’s a delicate eater, precise and unhurried. It can take a while for her to finish. I make my coffee, take my vitamins, but then I have to simply wait. Isabel is also our guard cat and she hates any disturbance while she eats. Kitchen chores like unloading the dishwasher or doing dishes are simply out of the question. Once clank of a plate and she’s out of there. One turn of my back, Jackson will dive in and she won’t come back.

Once I tried bringing my laptop in, so I could begin dealing with email for the day, but it diverted my attention too much and Jackson stole the moment.

Thus, I’m forced to be quiet and still. Sometimes I look out the kitchen window to the back garden – a view I rarely take in, because any other time I’m in the kitchen I’m on task. Though I begrudged the time to begin with, it’s become one of my few “doing nothing” moments of the day.

Something I probably need more of.


6 Replies to “Enforced Peace”

  1. Maybe Jackson’s getting Alpha treatment just because he’s male. Lion’s share, and so forth. Or maybe he’s got dirt on Isabella she doesn’t want brought to light.

    1. I’ve wondered about that, Kev, since I haven’t had a boy kitty before. She does let him have the food, though she’ll smack him six ways to Sunday for other transgressions.

  2. Sounds like a great way to get some down time.

    And on the subject of animal feeding time: When we still had our dog we sometimes got a guest dog dropping by. We had to get them each on one side of the kitchen and time setting down both of their bowls, because they’d fall all over each others food if we didn’t.

  3. Aww, great peaceful pic, Jeffe. I think it’s awesome that you have changed what would be a drudge into some needed downtime. Sometimes everything just gets too hurried. We all need time to just stop and gaze at the view or be alone with our thoughts. =o)

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