Rogue’s Possession Cover Reveal and Scavenger Hunt!

025What’s this?

Oh yes. You know.

Or, at least, the small community of rabidly passionate Rogue’s Pawn fans (you know who you are) are doing little chair dances right now.

That’s right. I haz hard copies. And I’m giving them away.

So, here’s the deal. I only have these five. These are the ones that Carina printed for the final judges in case the book finaled in the RITA awards. Since it didn’t, Carina sent these to me. There were also five books that went out to the first round judges, so they’re out there swimming in the world (or have gone to the big recycling bin in the sky). Otherwise, these are all there is for now. Do you know what that means? YES!

*Collector’s Item*

Now, because these were printed for the contest, they’re not high quality. They’re mass-market paperback sized and have all the same content as the digital book, but it doesn’t look or feel like a standard mmpb. Fair warning.

That said, I want you guys to have them, so you have something physical to hug and cuddle.

Yes, I know how you people are.

In celebration of the sequel, Rogue’s Possession, launching on Monday, October 7 and the cover reveal happening this coming Monday, September 2, I’m sponsoring a giveaway scavenger hunt.

Okay, so, the question of the moment is:

What do you have to do to get your paws on one of these for your very own collection?

Show your love. I want pictures. Send me a photo of Rogue in the wild, with you or without you. It can be just his name on a piece of paper or a lovely man with the sign around his neck. Or be creative – find your own Rogue! You can also print out one of the two covers and take your picture with that. Or show me what you think Rogue’s “possession” might be.

Then post the picture – Twitter, Facebook, your blog, in the comments here – anywhere at all and be sure to tag me. If I don’t comment or reply, be sure to ping me so I’ll see it. Use the hashtag #ILoveRogue.

Each Monday, I’ll draw a winner, on:


For every picture you send me, you get another entry “ticket.” Anyone who doesn’t win in the previous week will get added to the next week’s drawing. International is fine – I’ll pay the pound of flesh to ship this to you.

On release day, 10/7, we’ll do something super-special. More than just copies of Rogue’s Possession, though we can do that, too. In fact, let me know what you want and we’ll make it happen!

I’m so excited about this sequel finally coming out, and hearing you all making excited noises, too, just heightens the fun!

Now, hie thee out there and post some pictures!

19 Replies to “Rogue’s Possession Cover Reveal and Scavenger Hunt!”

  1. You are going to make us work for it? While I appreciate your creativity, is this one of those things where we can pay for a copy and not have to do the work? No? Okay. I am not creative at all. Really. I am going to stress over this because I want a copy. Will you be kind enough to sign them if we win them?

    1. Sorry, Amy – this was the most egalitarian thing I could think of! Don’t stress. It doesn’t have to be creative. You can post the same pic over and over, if you like. 😀 I will absolutely sign it, kiss it with lipstick and call you my muse in writing. Whatever you want!

      Thanks for putting up with me. 😀

      1. It’s okay, Jeffe. You SHOULD make us readers work for it. You work extremely hard to create the book that entertains us for hours, so we should work for the gift you are giving to us! No worries. I’ll come up with something. I am just wondering if I should spray paint my dog black…

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