What Genres Do You Read While Drafting?

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This is the Kensington cocktail party at the RWA conference. I’m apparently describing something very large to Alexandra Nicolajsen, who manages the digital marketing for the house. Maybe a bus ad.

(That’s the lovely Carolyn Crane sitting next to me.)

As I mentioned previously, I brought back a lot of paper books from RWA, along with a wish list of ebooks I want to download to the Kindle. However, I also have a big road trip coming up. Today I’m flying up to Denver where I’ll help my mom and Stepdad Dave rent a U-Haul truck. My mom has sold my childhood home – after 41 years! – and they’re moving permanently into their Tucson house.

I’d already taken some things a few weeks ago and my aunt went and took some things. Then they had their friends over for a “take some things” party, followed by an estate sale. So there’s not THAT much to convey to Tucson. But there will be two vehicles and neither of them are all that comfortable driving alone for long periods of time. We’ll drive down to Santa Fe on Saturday (about 5.5 hours), spend the night, then go on to Tucson (~8 hours). I’ll hang out on Monday, then drive their “extra” vehicle back to Santa Fe, where it will now be ours. All of this boils down to one thing: audio books.

I sorely need to listen to some books, to help pass the solo driving time.

So, I went to Audible to find the right ones. After all, this is a perfect opportunity to catch up on books I really want to read – for research or because friends wrote them or because they’ve been on my list for a while. But then the two books I wanted most weren’t on Audible! I considered doing them on the Kindle text-to-voice, but I don’t LOVE that. The robo-voice takes away from the story for me. My friend, Sassy Outwater, who is blind, essentially told me I couldn’t bitch about that because, hello, welcome to HER world. I see her point, because Audible books are *expensive* – but I still like them better.

At any rate, I was in the odd position of finding books, any books, on Audible that would be good for the trip. And I didn’t want to burn a lot of time searching. Also, since I’ll be losing writing time doing this trip, I wanted books that would at least feed the story I’m working on, which is an Adult Fantasy. (Book 2 of Twelve Kingdoms, for those who don’t have my life memorized.)

Here’s where I get to my point, because I do have one (shocking!). I wonder what better feeds an in progress story – the same genre or a different one? Someone at the conference says she never reads books in her own genre, because she’s afraid of accidentally stealing ideas. That doesn’t really resonate for me. But I do think it’s better for me to read other genres than the one I’m cooking in.

I ended up choosing the first in Josh Lanyon’s Adrien English m/m detective series, as it’s been recommended to me many times. I’ll listen to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ contemporary romance Ain’t She Sweet, though I’ve read it before, because it’s practically the text book on how to redeem an unlikable heroine – which I’m dealing with in the story I’m writing. Finally, I got Christina Lauren’s erotic romance Beautiful Bastard, so I can find out what got people so excited about it.

So, I’m curious. For writers, what do you read while you’re drafting? And for the non-writers, do you choose genre by what else is going on in your life?

One commenter will win a book from the ones pictured in Tuesday’s post. Except Sarah MacLean’s A Rogue by Any Other Name – that one has been snapped up by a previous winner.

12 Replies to “What Genres Do You Read While Drafting?”

  1. Fantasy and historical romance usually with the occasional horror thrown in. Reading in another genre gives my mind a break from the story I’m working on.

  2. I used to not be able to read anything while I was writing. Over the years, I got over it. Now I read whatever strikes my fancy without thinking about what I’m currently writing. Right now, I’m hip deep in the rewrite on a speculative fiction manuscript and I’ve read urban fantasy, romantic suspense, YA paranormal, paranormal romance, SF and F… If I could find a good speculative that I haven’t read yet, I’d read that, too.

    And if I remember correctly, Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid series got converted to Audible. Or maybe that was Larry Correia’s Monster Hunter International series. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

  3. I will confess to picking up YA sooner than another genre at times when im tired or busy. Otherwise I just pick up whatever tickles my fancy at that moment.

  4. I read different books based on several things. If I am undergoing some serious stress in my life, I will read something sweet and lighthearted (where I don’t have to think a lot). If I am feeling a little um, naughty, I might read one of your books (ha ha). But in general I switch it up based on what I read last. I don’t like to read several of the same genre in a row. Each story stands out more when I do it like this. I just finished a Historical Romance by Michelle Diener and now plan to read a Young Adult by friend Julie Cross. Before the historical, I read a Fantasy by Michelle Miles. I am thinking after this YA I will read Against the Dark by Carolyn Crane. See? All over the place.

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