Carina Press (Mostly) Uncensored!


I’ll be participating in this very fun panel discussion at RWA next week for those of you going. We’re to be frank and answer what you REALLY want to know about publishing with Carina. See you there!

I’ll also be signing Ruby at the literacy event Wednesday night. You don’t have to be attending the conference to stop by – so if you’re in the Atlanta area, please come and say hi! I love to chat with people!

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  1. I read about that event yesterday and I thought, “I bet Jeffe is one of the authors that sits in on that.” It would be fun to listen to all that even as a reader. I always like to hear how things work “behind the scenes.” My sister has written a book and never planned to do anything more than to write for fun, but now she is starting to consider the options of doing something with it. She is trying out some critique partners and it will be interesting to watch as she navigates through this process. I am trying to get her to go to RT next year so she can experience the workshops there and so I can just have fun!

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