In Which I Am FAMOUS

Isabel and Jackson napped together all afternoon. It’s so lovely seeing them be companionable.

 So, some fun things. You can see a picture of me on the New York Times business page here on slide #2!


And also? A pic of me in this video! (I’m at 2:20, if you want to expedite the process.)

Don’t I totally ROCK? Or, rather, doesn’t the very cool chick who photographed me at the convention totally rock? I feel like sending her expensive chocolates and cheap champagne. Or vice-versa. I don’t know her that well.

As for today, this might be my last Monday post for a while. Via Roni Loren’s Fill Me In Friday blog, I ran across this post, about blogging less than five days a week. It really struck home, because I’ve been noticing a lot of you check in only once or twice a week – much like his readers. And, gods know, now that I’ve got three series going and my AGENT (okay, I’m still a little giddy over that) I shopping yet another, I don’t need to blog every day.

So THIS? My official announcement that I’ll be putting up blog posts on Tuesday, Friday and at Word Whores on Sunday. Just *think* of the improved quality! The condensed intensity! The sheer reduction of emails in your In-Box!

Yes, I know what’s important to you.

18 Replies to “In Which I Am FAMOUS”

  1. NICE!!!! Your hat looks fabulous Jeffe!!! 🙂

    It was great to see you at National again!!!

    And congratulations on your agent too… WOOT!


    Lisa 🙂

  2. Wow, pulling back to three days of blogging? You? The devotee of journals and memoirs? Congrats on the success of your novels being the driving reason!

  3. Looking good girl! Of COURSE they picked you for the photo. Who could resist the stunning hat? Wish the day job was more merciful, so you had more time to blog…but so glad the main reason you need to find more time is due to the demand for more books. Congrats JK.

  4. Boo hoo. Checking in on the blog has been as regular a morning activity as my morning coffee. Say it isn’t so!

  5. Hey there! 😀 It was great meeting you! (I’m the one you’re handing your lovely bookmark/button/candy to!) You look fabulous in your awesome hat 😉 I’m anxiously awaiting more books. Yours rock!

    1. Thank you so much! I was trying to remember who that was in the pic – so glad you commented! It’s such a fun pic, you with your stack of books, looking like you’re having so much fun.

  6. You mean I only have to be witty two times a week? Awesome.

    And btw I never congratulated you on your agent. Congrats girl. I knew it was only a matter of time tho. 😉

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