Rogue’s Pawn – My Baby Leaves the Nest

When the lovely and talented Laura Bickle made the fabulous book trailer for me, she discovered the ghostly hand in the cover image. Isn’t it kind of cool?

So, I’m kind of at a loss as to what to say today. Rogue’s Pawn is officially out in the world, dancing, twirling and having the best day of her life. All the handsome young reviewers are lined up to give her a little waltz. It’s a giddy feeling.

My friends keep asking if I’m excited and when I say no, they then ask if I’m nervous, I have to say it’s not that either.

Regular readers know this has been a long effort for me. I started writing pieces of this story – absurd little fragments, since I had no idea what I was doing – back in 1995. All those hopes and wishes that started back then gradually built up, creating this huge emotional static charge. I feel like, with the exact right stimulus, I could crack open and release Gwynn’s lightning bolt. I don’t feel anything in particular – just hugely emotional. I imagine this is how it feels to give birth. Or to climb Mt. Everest. (Since *I* will never do either of those things!) This enormous task is suddenly over. You did it. You survived and triumphed.

And then, this morning, there is such an outpouring from my friends – I hadn’t imagined anything like this.

It’s so wonderful to have you all at the ball.

Now let’s hit the champagne!

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