Doggedness, Stick-to-it-iveness and Perseverance

This is a crop from the same series as yesterday’s pic. I was trying to capture the glow of this color. As you can see, I got nice glow, and the background gravel is in perfect focus. Not so much the flowers. Always some new skill to work on.

Which keeps life interesting.

I’ve been buckling down since the Caribbean vacay, to take off the vacation-indulgence weight. Oh, and the Thanksgiving/Christmas indulgence weight. Yes, yes. I know it’s over halfway through May already. (Though, while we’re on the topic, how the HELL did THAT happen??) I got back on normal eating and exercising after the holidays, but never quite amped myself up to take it up that extra notch to really lose body fat.

So, I’ve added weightlifting back into the exercise routine and, this week, I took the added and dramatic step of not drinking wine.


Yes, you heard me right. No alcohol Monday through Thursday nights is the new rule. If you know anything about me, you understand how much this breaks my heart. But counting calories was just not quite doing it. I figured, if I cut out the wine four nights a week, that would be enough to change things.

It’s changed things all right.

My weight is going UP. I’ve gained almost THREE pounds since last Sunday!

I know, I know – it’s the whole gaining muscle and muscle is denser than fat thing. I am down just over two pounds of body fat. I try to focus on that part and not the climbing overall poundage. Intellectually I know the program is working the way it should, but the irrational part of me, the part who misses her goddam glass(es) of wine in the evening, is having a screaming tantrum.

I suppose that’s part of any progress in life – managing the sulky, indulgent part of ourselves and sticking to the plans we make. When we get rejections or difficult revision letters or sales below what we hoped, that’s the voice that whines that we’re not having FUN anymore.

There’s a story passed around among my mom’s friends from many years ago. They all decided to go on a bike ride. Believe me, this was not an athletic, outdoorsy group. But they got a wild hair and all saddled up their bikes. One gal even got one of those little bike-trailer dealies and put her three-year-old daughter, Betsy, in it. They rode up to Cherry Creek reservoir and back. This effort nearly killed them, particularly Betsy’s mom, what with pulling the bike trailer. So they collapse and hit the cocktails upon their return – much more in character for the group. (See? I come by it honestly.) Betsy, however, did not like this phase of the day. Scowling at the group, she declared “I *was* having fun, but I’m not having fun anymore!”

This became a mantra applicable to ever so many situations.

So, I try to find ways to soothe my Betsy. To promise her that fun will be had again. She doesn’t really care so much about my goals of fitness or writerly fame and fortune. She’s all about the right now. I try to remember that and make some time for the playing and fun, after the work is done.

There’s a place for that, too.

6 Replies to “Doggedness, Stick-to-it-iveness and Perseverance”

  1. How much do I love this? Oh, Good luck with your Betsy! So hard to find that balance, to actually accomplish something without throwing everything else overboard. But not get too much the other way, all coasting and no progress.

    Also, as an aside, I have such a fondness for those inside joke lines that come from an event like that, and last through years. those things are so fun and priceless.

    1. It is all a balance, Carolyn. And our Betsy’s need discipline to be happy and healthy, too. I love these kinds of jokes, too – we need a good name for them!

  2. OMG, I think I’ve been channeling Betsy. I totally didn’t realize it until I sat here repeating her phrase in my head. (And adding a little mental footstomp at the end.) Nobody promised this would be 100% fun 100% of the time. Time for my inner Betsy to take a nap so I can get to work.

    Gorgeous pic, btw. I was having the same focus issues with my iris pics. I really need to break out the manual and figure out that function. Right now, I just keep changing my position and the zoom until the auto-focus gets it right. LOL

    1. The little mental footstomp is crucial to the whole feel of it, B.E! Funny that you had the same issues. Maybe Iris don’t provide hard edges for the auto-focus. I should really learn to do this stuff manually…

  3. Oh this is just what I needed. 😀 It’s good to know I’m not alone in the battle to whittle off the pounds. I actually started a fitness blog as an offshoot to my writing blog because I started babbling too much about my ‘Going From Fat Writer To Fit Writer’ journey.

    It seems my inner Betsy (or as my friends and I call it the ‘DUN WANNAS’) has been doing a lot of ‘But I don’t waaaaaaaaaannnna go to the gym. Ooh cupcakes. :D’ I seem to get like that every time when I’m working on a new project and my mind is more on making words than making sweat.

    I know I’d feel so much better, and worked the kinks out of my brain if I just went to the gym. But yeah. Dun-Wanna-Betsy… She is a wicked beast. 🙁

    Good luck on conquering your inner Betsy, and I’ll stick to it and work on conquering mine! 😀

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