Feeding the Vampire Excerpt

He leaned up on his elbow, cupping my cheek in one long-fingered hand. His eyes glowed, long hair fell over his shoulder, golden like the silk cords that bound my wrists. “They’re two faces of the same coin, you know. Over time, you’ll find the pain is seductive in its own way.”

He bent over me, his hair falling around me to curtain us from the world. His lips brushed hot against mine, drawing a helpless sigh out of me.

“Let me seduce you, my rose.” His mouth sank over mine, tasting of cinnamon, mace and blood.

Longing swelled up in me and I melted beneath him. His lips moved, strong and gentle, thrilling in their searing touch. He licked my lips, a breath of movement and sank in again, urging me to open to him. With a helpless moan, I did. I didn’t have to tell him he’d had me since that first feeding. Since I’d handed myself to him on a faux-foil cardboard platter under fluorescent lights.

He hummed with delight, his tongue sliding along the tender tissues of my mouth. I drowned in the shivering sensations, pleasure roaring through me. His hand slid down my throat in a lingering caress, trailing to circle my nipple again. I strained against him, close to begging in my delirium. Red and black pulsed in my brain. I tried to remember what I’d been unhappy about. Nothing mattered but this.

A sharp fang sliced the slick tissue of my lower lip and I convulsed, the pain cutting through the dark and sensual haze. His tongue laved the cut, sparking an ache. He crawled over me, straddling my body with his knees and cupping my cheekbones with both hands, tilting my head back so he could better slant his lips over mine. Blood swirled in my mouth and Ivan sucked on it, feeding from me with deep, thrilling kisses. I was a goblet he drank from.

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