Playing with the New Toys


One of the best parts of Christmas as a kid was playing with the new toys.

It didn’t really matter what you got or how much. It was the thrill of a new thing and the free time to play with it. I remember riding my bike around the cul-de-sac one particularly sunny Denver Christmas. Or spending the day setting up my dollhouse. Yesterday, I got to play with my telephoto lens.

It’s super cool. Isabel from quite a ways off, wondering why this thing is pointed at her.

And here’s this mountain range,

with the telephoto.

Isn’t the detail amazing?

I also have this stack of brand new books staring at me here…

6 Replies to “Playing with the New Toys”

    1. Sullivan, I got:
      The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
      Somewhere Beneath those Waves
      Grace Paley’s Collected Stories
      A Dictionary of Angels, including the fallen angels.

      Plus a substantial gift cert for Amazon books from the Man. Now I just need vacation time!

  1. Oooo, shiny shiny new toy. The pics are awesome. And Isabel is gorgeous.

    Me? I’m a little behind the times. No telephoto lens for my camera, but a shiny new 8GB memory chip so I can take more than 19 pics at a time. And my hubs also got me tons of frames so I can showcase my artsy-est ones. =oD

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