On Not Writing

I love the Mexican stars people have down here. A different kind of Christmas decoration.

As of today, I’m on vacation from the day job. I think it’s also vacation from the writing job. I’m feeling the need to wind down and do non-brainy work. I’m planning to do some baking. Today I should finish all my gift shopping. I’m feeling pleasantly lazy and mindless.

And it’s good.

For all my “write every day” mantra, I do find that there are times to let it go. To let all the swirling bits settle, like a blizzard lifting from the valley, leaving a blazingly clear day behind, sunlight glittering on pure snow.

I’m mainly thinking about concocting a recipe for brownies with peppermint frosting.

(See, Veronica? It’s not ALL about the cookies!)

3 Replies to “On Not Writing”

  1. Even people who write every day need a break. Ya know, time to refill the well. Take all the time you need. I’ve got an awesome recipe for brownies, but I never tried frosting them. I think they’re too gooey for that. Good luck and many positive baking vibes headed your way. =o)

    1. Thanks, B.E.! and yes – that was totally my thought. I ended going with a *gasp* brownie mix, so I can make them a little cakey and the chocolate won’t overwhelm the peppermint. We shall see!

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