The Hallowed Ones

Big news today! One of my favorite people, whose writing I also just love – which makes for serendipity all around, because these two things don’t always come together – has a Big Announceament! (Yes, I always hear that in my head as in the Legally Blonde musical. This man is gay AND European!)


So, Laura announced yesterday that she’s signed a two-book deal for her new Young Adult series!!

Let the hooting and rejoicing begin!

The first book is called The Hallowed Ones. The official spiel is: pitched as “Witness” meets “28 Days Later” in which an Amish girl must protect her family from a violent contagion, even as fear and denial threaten to erode her community from within.

I can add that for an image for this post, I looked for a good one of a raven in a denuded field, since we don’t have a cover yet. I really need to get out and snap some corvid pics. It’s a great story and I’m proud to say I was there for the initial brainstorming. In fact, I don’t think it’s going too far to say this story was totally my idea. Maybe even 95% my idea. I mean, sure, Laura came up with a few things here and there. Well, and then she spent all that time actually writing it – but really, I think this could totally be all about me.

Don’t you all agree? Yeah, I totally thought so.

At any rate, for the writers out there, Laura’s agent is the ever-charming Becca Stumpf at Prospect Literary Agency. She sold the books to Graphia, the YA imprint at Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, for a very decent advance on the two books.

SO exciting!

Congratulations Laura!

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