Promo Push

So, Sapphire comes out a week from today!

You can even preorder it from Carina (for epub format) or Amazon, if you’re a Kindle fan like me.

It’s exciting, yes, but complicated by the fact that I’m flying to Puerto Rico on Sunday the 23rd for the day job and I don’t know what kind of internet access I’ll have. So, this last weekend I played forward-balancing. I had a list of 13 things I needed to do for the release. Carina alone has about four things to write/fill out for the release day. Which is great – don’t get me wrong – one of the things I love about Carina is their commitment to marketing their books. Still, it was a lot to do, with that and filling out interview questions and writing guest posts.

On Saturday night while we watched movies, I played arts and crafts with bookmarks. Ribbons and shinies. I fell asleep in my chair while cutting ribbons into bookmark-length pieces. (This may have had as much to do with the Jamesons I’d been drinking as much as me being tired, before you feel sorry for me.) I woke up, my hand still clutching a fistful of sapphire-blue ribbons.

It seemed like a metaphor for something.

At any rate, the ghosts of me should be all over the internet even while I’m in a Spanish-speaking US territory asking them about “agua” over and over. You’ll see my lovely and dedicated friends making noise for me.

What would I do without all of you?

Each one of you gets a blue ribbon. Maybe even with a sparkly on the end.

I know – don’t say I never gave you anything! 😉

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  1. Sweet! It’s all very exciting. Good on ya, girl.
    I spent a couple of evening punching holes and adding bling…then I forget to take them with me!
    Have a safe trip. jeanne

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