Like High School, Only Steve Madden

Nothing particularly special about this photo, except that I’m home now and this is how it looks this morning. Giving up lots of gratitude today.

I liked being in Philadelphia and Baltimore, though, seeing what people on the other side of the country are up to. If you follow me on Twitter at all, you would have seen me going on about the resurgence in 80s fashion. I know, I know – this is old news, I’m sure. I work from home in the New Mexico countryside without cable or satellite TV. I’m not exactly cutting-edge anything.

So the resurgence of the slouchy boot took me by surprise.

You know what I mean – the ankle- to calf-high soft leather or suede boot, lots of folds and wrinkles. The young women are wearing them with tight jeans and drapey shirts with *gasp* SHOULDER PADS, people! I don’t miss much of 80s fashion, but by golly, I miss my slouchy boots.

There might be one particular pair of purple suede slouchy boots from college I will always remember fondly.

At any rate, I announced my intentions on Twitter to acquire me some boots, possibly just like those ones I used to have. And one of my old high school friends, the AntiM, replied that she’d already bought some last year. (She is all kinds of cutting edge, even if she’s letting her blog starve  death.) I, of course, asked what hers look like. She said, just like the ones SHE had in high school, only these are Steve Madden.

It is ever thus. We are nostalgic for our young selves, but no reason not to kick in a bit of an upgrade.

Designer Shoe Warehouse, here I come!

8 Replies to “Like High School, Only Steve Madden”

    1. “Elf boots” bwwwahaha. Gods, I’d forgotten that’s what “we” called them. I used to steal my mother’s red pair all.the.time.

      She probably still has them in her closet somewhere. ~rubs chin~

      1. I’d forgotten that, too, KAK. With, as I recall, no sense of irony at all. Perhaps that’s another thing we add with the passage of time.

        You *must* dig out your mother’s red pair!

  1. I will confess to having a pair of black leather slouch boots that I’ve kept until they’ve come back into style. Finally!

    I’m also loving the one-shoulder tops. Still haven’t made the style stretch to leggings, though.

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