RT 2011 – the recap

In no particular order, because it’s all a blur at this point. I really thought I’d keep up, but no. I blame Twitter this time. So easy to tweet pics in real time.

At any rate, this is me (duh) at the eBook eXpo signing. (No, that’s not their capitalization, it’s mine – but wouldn’t that be cool?) I went with roses, for the Petals & Thorns theme. One guy stopped and told me I’d done a great job and that he does product placement for movies, so he knows of what he speaks. This is what you get when you have a gig in Los Angeles.

Still I was pleased and it went great.

I love this pic of Tessa Dare, Victoria Dahl and Courtney Milan, who kept cracking up while posing.

I put in a little pool time and, sweet serendipity, there just happened to be a shirtless photo shoot for Mr. Romance.
My toes, for verisimilitude.
Marcella received her trophy for Best Futuristic Romance. The trophy is super-sexy.
And here she is, chatting it up with readers and booksellers at Club RT.
Allison, doing likewise.
Marcella in Faerie mode, offering advice.
Here’s Danielle Poiesz, formerly of Pocket Books, now with the Sekrit Projekt at Penguin, which she revealed at the conference to be xxxx. Oops, I can’t say online yet. If you’d been at RT, you’d know. Just saying…
Here she is giving a demo to a bunch of potential beta testers.
She arrived at the Vampire Ball as Buffy.
And demonstrated her mad staking skills.
Danielle met up with agent Suzie Townsend for dinner. They both had to finish urgent tweeting before they could be fully social.

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  1. Very cool! This is the third year that I wasn't able to go. LA was a bit too much for me, cost-wise but I fully intend to be there next year. I'll have to start a special saving account which I will name the "Emergency Con Fund" (not that it's really an emergency, but everything sounds better sticking "emergency" in front of it).

  2. Love all the pics! Looks like you all had a great time. You should wear red dresses and hats all the time, Jeffe — tres cool!

  3. How very fun! I do love that the hat and the toes have made it into the annual recaps!

    Marcella, lookin' so smexy with her award…wait, she didn't get to take the pool-boy as her trophy. Damn.

    So nice to finally see Buffy, her Danielle in action!

    Thanks for showing the rest of us what we missed. ~cough~

  4. It was great, Cynthia – though I missed you!

    There you go, Suzan, save now for this social emergency!

    Linda, I'll tell my personal shopper: from now on only red dresses and black hats.

    Excellent point, KAK. I'll have to make sure to get hat and toes pics from every convention going forward. I tried to get Marcella a pool boy, but they were strong with all those muscles.

    It is a great time, Julia! Chicago?

  5. Loved your coverage of RT, Jeffe. Looks like an absolute blast. (*sigh* Maybe next year!)

    Now I know what Marcella looks like so I can find her at RWA (and cheer her on for the RITA)!

    I LOLed at the pic of Danielle Poiesz showing up at the Vampire Ball as Buffy. 🙂

    Thanks for posting your pics!

  6. No jealousy, Sullivan – you went everywhere with me! A couple of people asked who you were, too!

    Laurie – Danielle was a total hoot as Buffy. Glad you appreciate that. RWA will be very fun!

    The photos would be better with you in them, Laura!

  7. Oh man, it was def fun dressing up as Buffy! However, the woman who attacked me from behind scared the crap out of me LOL clearly, I won out in the end with the stake-action.

    Great recap, Jeffe!

  8. I wondered if you knew who that woman was! Anyone out there who can ID crazy vampire chick who dared take on Buffy, let us know!

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