My Big News

Happy Fat Tuesday, everyone!

If you’re bored today, or simply need a little Mardis Gras fix, without the smells and lack of restroom facilities, runs the parade cams and Bourbon Street Cams. They can be pretty entertaining, but also a time-suck.

Fair warning.

So, a week ago today, I received a phone call, which I alluded to here. It seems appropriate to have excessive partying going on today while I tell you all:

I am signing a contract with Carina Press!!!

~cue happy dancing and jazz band~

The sun comes up over the mountains, shedding light on the happy valley below. Angels swoop through the sky and unicorns perform intricate jigs.

Yes, my new editor, Deb Nemeth, is acquiring Sapphire and Angela James is the one who called me last week. They want to see my other work, too, so I’ll be sending that along. I’m very much excited to be part of the Carina Press family. If you don’t know, Carina is Harlequin’s digital imprint. I truly believe they’re at the forefront of digital publishing. They have all the sterling foundation of the Harlequin empire, along with greater flexibility to step out of the mold. All those funny stories that are kind of fantasy, kind of sci fi, kind of sexy? They want to publish them!

So thank you all, for the love, support and excitement while I was being cagey.

And now…

Laissez les bon temps et romans rouler!

25 Replies to “My Big News”

  1. So. Very. COOL!! Congratulations!!! *tosses colored beads at Jeffe*

    Enjoy the glow. You deserve it! 😀

  2. Damn – you gals are fast with the commenting! Thank you all so much. And this will be as Jennifer Paris, with all her naughtiness.

  3. Hello! I saw mention of your good news on Twitter and thought I'd stop here to congratulate you on your contract with Carina Press. How exciting! I wish you all the best in this new stretch of your journey!

  4. Jeffe,

    Congratulations! Happy dancing for you with much hoopla and throwing of beads and confetti!

  5. Savor the exquisite sweetness.
    I've got Carina all bookmarked, with an account set up and I'm just waiting to click "Buy".

  6. *hugs*

    Congratulations chica! I am so happy for you! 😀 Can't wait to see all the great things in store for you.

  7. SOOO very happy for you! HUGS! Its overdue and well deserved and its about damn time they woke up and snagged your work!!! YAY JEFFE!!!

  8. Oh hurray! That'll teach me to fall behind on my blog reading. I'm so pleased, Carina Press seems to be wonderful to its authors. That's great news!

  9. Oh dear! My show just closed, Jeffe, and I'm only now getting caught up on Facebook news…but CONGRATULATIONS. Fabulous news and just have so much fun. Hope you get a lovely, funny editor!

  10. Thank you, Lesley! I do have a lovely, fab editor, Deb Nemeth. She works from home for Carina, on your coast. Something for you to consider for between shows?

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