Good News and Random Bits of Exploding Matter

So, I got an Enticing Offer yesterday.

Every Tuesday for the last couple of months, I’ve been waiting for this phone call. Yeah, I’m enough of a Twitter/Internet stalker to know that this person makes calls with offers on Tuesdays. My cup overranneth (yes, that’s totally a word) with conference calls yesterday. With all the serendipity I could ask for, my cell rang between work calls with a number I didn’t recognize. The woman on the other end asked for “Jeff.”

And I knew.

People who’ve only read my name inevitably go with “Jeff” first. I always respond, “this is Jeffe.” (jeff-ee) Then they apologize and I tell them it happens all the time, which is does. Then I waited for her to make her offer.

Which she did.


So now I’m checking with a few agents, to see if anyone cares, just in case. I’ll sign contracts next week and then I’ll be less coy with the details.

It’s amazing, though, how something like this blows my ritual and routine all to hell. Yesterday afternoon was a blaze of finishing day job and hitting queries, follow-ups and pitch polishing. I’m filling out forms, checking schedules, making plans. No writing done yesterday and I’m over an hour behind getting to things today.

I’m happy, but what are all these little whizzing pieces of shrapnel?

17 Replies to “Good News and Random Bits of Exploding Matter”


    I will have one* in your honor tonight. 🙂

    *One what, I'll leave to your very capable imagination. 😉

  2. I, not being you, have the luxury of assuming that this is all pre-destined and inevitable. So I don't get to be as excited. But I am terribly proud.

  3. Thank you, all, for the congrats, squealing, squeeing, woohooing, yaying, wooting, martinis, chocolate, confident "of courses" and whatever that is in Malaysian – I just hope it's nice, Zai! It's so wonderful to share this news with you all. I promised to be specific next week.

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