A Day in the Life – Rogue Oracle

We have a new girl on the town. Rogue Oracle is no shy young debutante though. She’s sister Word-Whore Laura Bickle’s fourth book, the second in the Delphic Oracle series she writes as Alayna Williams.

She seems demure on the surface. Just a sweet, suburban fantasy, with a penchant for fresh herbs.

And lingerie.

She keeps herself spiffed up, with a pedicure for sandal season, because she also leads a secret life.

Taming wild crocodiles!

Consulting with the President and his cabinet.


Russian spy! You think it’s an accident this book is about Chernobyl? Oh no no no.

Don’t be taken in by appearances. Watch her.

Watch her very closely.

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  1. If I wasn't already on a mission to get a book published, I'd go for it in hopes it might someday receive a Day In The Life Post, lol.

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