Long Night Moon

Last night was the solstice moon, the Long Night Moon. And you also likely knew, unless you live under a rock, that there was a full lunar eclipse also.

No, I didn’t get any photos of the eclipse. We had a fair amount of cloud cover last night. I got up at 12:45 to see, but to no avail. It’s funny here – the clouds will lay low and flat over the top of us, but the horizons will be more or less clear.

So I caught the moon here, rising full on the longest night of the year.

And here she is again, over fourteen hours later, after a long, leisurely stroll across the sky and through the earth’s shadow, to set into the pink of sunrise.

The long night is over. Now we turn our eyes to the east, and the first day in our steps towards summer again.

Looks pretty glorious to me.

8 Replies to “Long Night Moon”

  1. that IS glorious! look at those colors, that's incredible! thanks so much for sharing! it's a gloomy snowy day here, so it's nice to see something so bright and so gorgeous.

  2. I stayed up to watch. Our cloudy Tucson sky cleared right at the moment the eclipse began. It was magical to watch. Wispy clouds streaked in the light. The stars became brighter as if watching in awe. And as our shadow encroached, the moon became coppery in color. I so wanted to watch its recovery but it was late and our back yard was beginning to feel less hospitable.
    But I'm so glad I could witness this powerful force of our our universe…it was the first time in my life that I had.

  3. Oh, that sounds so wonderful, Mom! I'm glad you got to see it. But you describe it so well, I feel like I saw it, too.

  4. Jeffe, you're so talented! I love pictures of sunrise/moonrise/sunsets…they leave me awestruck. I love the colors, the sense of peace they leave me with, the sense that I alone have seen the day begin/end. It's glorious, just as you said.

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