Seven Calorie-Free Ways to Enjoy the Holidays – Day Four

Yesterday we celebrated the joys of advent calendars.

(Though I noted that many of you manage to sneak in a few calories by adding chocolate to anticipation.)

Today is all about the visual.

#4 Decorations: lights, glitter, glitz and glam

Let’s face it “Christmas” decorating pulls a lot more from the holiday’s pagan roots than from the religious holiday. We’re facing the darkest days of the year, the longest nights, the weak and slanting day time sun. Thus the lights!

The holiday provides so many opportunities to add light and sparkle to our lives. Wear something glittery. Or a lot of things glittery. Bright colors with shimmering fabrics. I’ll usually get a little something special to wear for each Christmas. Maybe a new sweater with rhinestone buttons or a pretty blouse. Sometimes just a silk scarf to glam things up.

There are so many ways to use light now to decorate, too. Here in Santa Fe, the farolitas are popular. Some people call them luminarias, but those are actually small bonfires. The kind in the bags with little candles are farolitas and, if you’re like me and 99% of Santa Fe, you get the electric kind, sometimes called electrolitas.

A traditional name.

I haven’t regaled you with the tales of me spending four consecutive days on our roof, tying down those little fuckers. (Another traditional name.) But it’s worth it. One neighbor said our house looks like a castle. Five other people have stopped me to say how great it looks. It gives me a thrill of pleasure to see the lights, to hear that other people like them, too.

My way of staving off the dark.

4 Replies to “Seven Calorie-Free Ways to Enjoy the Holidays – Day Four”

  1. That looks amazing! One Christmas tradition I can't seem to shake no matter how old I get, is Christmas light seeing. At least one night during the holiday season, I'll hop in my car and drive all over two parishes to see the sights. Sometimes someone will come with me, sometimes I go alone, but I have to do it. It's soothing and yes, it puts me in the holiday mood.

  2. Thanks gals! I meant to add that, Danica. I love that tradition of driving around to see the lights. Have done since I was a kid.

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