Frosty Moon

Crazy Gym Lady (as I walk in the door): “Let’s see, she’s got on her red coat and teal headband – she’s all ready for Christmas!”

Me: “Um, but it has nothing to do with Christmas.”

Crazy Gym Lady: “Well, I’m very visual.”


This moon is from Saturday evening. I would have liked to catch it last night, but I foolishly scheduled an FFP board meeting at the same time as moonrise. But, since the moon was technically fully full at 10:27am Sunday morning, the night before is pretty much the same as the night after.

November’s moon is the Frosty Moon. It’s also called the Full Beaver Moon. I am not Tawna Fenske, however, so I decided to stay away from that one.

Saturday wasn’t frosty at all. In fact, it was fully and gorgeously warm. Doesn’t that picture look like a summer sky? We went hiking and sat on the patio for cocktails. But, as if ushered in by the Frosty Moon, cold weather hit last night. The wind roared in, freezing rain pelted the windows. Between the bright, full moon and the turbulent storm, we and the animals woke several times during the night. This morning shows a dusting of our first snow.

Seems appropriate for Thanksgiving week to me.

Which, um, has nothing to do with Christmas.

6 Replies to “Frosty Moon”

  1. Beautiful Frosty Moon pic! 🙂

    It does seem appropriate to have a little snow around for Thanksgiving. Though I have to admit, I'm glad we don't yet. We had enough last year to last me until the next ice age.

  2. LOL.

    Our temperatures are edging upwards again into the 80's this week. It so doesn't make it feel like Thanksgiving. Of course, the same weather will probably strike right before Christmas as well. We just can't seem to get a cold snap that fits the holiday and how annoying is that? Warm Thanksgiving, warm Christmas, warm New Years Day…freezing cold Mardi Gras. Meh.

  3. Thanks Linda! and yes, you're a wimp.

    Now Danica, you know it's not Mardi Gras if you're not guzzling drinks to stay warm!

    Hmm, KAK – she does bring her breakfast to the gym, and eats it on the exercise bike. Additional Kirsch might help??

  4. Take my snow and 22 degrees with wind chill of 13. Please. Seattle and I are NOT built for this. Rain? Any day. 😉

  5. Oh you Seattle people! I noticed all of you using the #SnOMG hashtag last night. good for you all to suck it up a little bit. 😉

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