Red Moon and Good Dreams

Full moon rising over the harbor at Newport.

Because it was in August, it was the Red Moon. Aptly named. I’d had an idea that I’d try to blog all the full moons for the next year, but then I went and missed the first one due to vacation lassitude. I’ll make it up with the September moon.

You’ll see.

I had the best dream last night. One of those dreams that are so lovely, I’m still riding on the happy wave of it.

And, oh yeah, it was total wish-fulfillment.

I dreamed the agent that I mailed my first 100 pages to the other day called me and said she wanted to visit me to talk about my book. She came to my house and I had to pull the book from the library that had her critique notes in it. She told me they were in the Ignatius volume.

(Um, no, I have no idea what any of that means. It was a dream, okay?)

She pronounced it Ignashus and I thought maybe it should be Ignateeus, since it was Latin, but I didn’t say anything. She had me also read my synopsis to her, which I’d written on lettuce leaves. (Doesn’t everyone?) That one, I think could be related to the fact that she tweets about lunch a fair amount.

At any rate, it was wonderful, validating and everything I hope will happen. I knew that my book would be published and published well. I woke up feeling happy about it.

I’m still happy.

Even though I only mailed it on Tuesday, so I know it’s all wishing, even if it comes from the heart.

Still, Snow White is dancing around and singing, cartoon bluebirds flitting about.

Lovely day.

8 Replies to “Red Moon and Good Dreams”

  1. Awesome moon! And I guess the only way that dream could've been better is if there were martinis involved…. 🙂

  2. A wonderful dream…one that Jung would have had a field day with! Happy dreams are the best! Enjoy your beautiful high. Great things are coming.

  3. Excellent point, Simon – I'll ask the dream machine to add martinis next time!

    Hmm, what would Jung say?? (WWJS)

  4. Is it sad that I'm hungry after reading about the lettuce leaves? I'm blaming my diet.

    I have a friend who's very into the energies of life and all…I don't understand most of it, but she did tell me once that what energy you send out comes back to you. So if you're putting out positive energy while you sleep, you'll get it back. Or something like that 😉

  5. Great dream, Jeffe. Although be careful to keep your lettuce synopsis leaves separate from the salad lettuce. You'd hate to eat your best work. 🙂

  6. A synopsis on Lettuce, that made me smile. Whenever I dream it's usually scary or just odd I'm glad you have happy dreams. I can hear Snow White singing from over here.

  7. When you're dieting, Danica, EVERYTHING makes you hungry! And great on the loose jeans today. I like your philosophy. Whee for positive sleep energy!

    Keena, I'm always careful to sequester my written-on perishables from the ones slated for consumption.

    Chudney – we'll all be thinking good thoughts for you to have happy dreams tonight. Maybe a few bluebirds, too!

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