Torn Fishnets and All

Allison’s Cover has been spotted in the wild!

It’s not technically final, according to Pocket, but somehow it leaked and a few bloggers picked it up, so get to show it now. My own personal leak may or may not have shown it to me quite a while ago and it hasn’t changed since then. I suspect this will be it, even though it’s not yet up at Pocket’s very fun community site for urban fantasy readers.

And yes, the burning question is: how did Abby so thoroughly destroy her fishnet stockings?

Trust me, it’s a major plot point in the book.

There’s this pivotal scene where Abby is battling a vampire, an angel and an incubus in a dark alley. She falls to one knee. You know those cobblestones – they’re full of rough edges. She rolls to avoid the slashing sword of an evil Fae. Her fishnets tear on the other leg, hanging by only a few tenacious threads.

That’s when the incubus falls in love with her.

Wouldn’t you?

Okay, that scene may or may not happen in the book. Covers belong to the marketing people and not to the author. Abby may not be a mini-skirt wearing, midriff-baring, torn fishnet flaunting kind of gal, but she is tough. She’s sassy. This picture captures her attitude.

I’m working on getting Allison to pierce her belly button now, so I can buy her this outfit for signings. Wouldn’t that be total Awesomesauce?

Yeah, I think so, too.

8 Replies to “Torn Fishnets and All”

  1. She'll definitely have to color her hair like the book cover Abby. I mean, that's a signature color! She should just leave all of us in charge of her wardrobe/hair/life for book signings, don'tcha think? *cackle*

    If this ends up the final product, it's amazing.

  2. KAK – did you check

    And yes, Danica, excellent idea! Allison will have to put *us* in charge of all wardrobe and fashion choices.

    I agree with you and Lynn, it's an amazingly awesome cover!

  3. *ahem*

    I would get a tattoo before I got a belly ring. Just saying.

    I'm also saying that I can be bribed with Hello Kitty and bacon. I would totally go for the hair thing, except I've never dyed my hair before.


    Really, the story behind the cover is that Phin is a total perv and he demanded that Abby slut it up.

    And so she has. She's a lover, not a fighter, after all. 😉

  4. "…a vampire, an angel and an incubus go into a dark alley…"

    I feel there's classic joke fodder to be had there.

  5. So here's the plan, Danica: we take her out for a big bacon breakfast, distract her with a Hello Kitty shiny while we get her belly piercing, dye-job and tattoo of Phineas the Perverted Unicorn. Chudney is right – they'll be lining up out the door!

    We're waiting for the joke, Marin. Though the vampire is an incidental ex-boyfriend. Perhaps we should make it "…an angel, an incubus and a perverted miniature unicorn go into a dark alley…"

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