Moving on Up

The NEW CAMERA arrived!
Naturally I took this pic with the old camera, but do you like how I got the monstrosity floating in space aspect here?

Yeah, okay, I’m a teensy bit afraid of it.

I should note that I asked for this. For months now. My David, and my mom and her David, and my Aunt Karen and Uncle Bob all chipped in to give me this fancy camera for my birthday because I’m under some kind of delusion that I could produce better photographs with a better camera.

It seemed like a great idea at the time…

At first everything looked fine. Box within a box. Note Zip the Dog watching suspiciously from the dubious safety of the guest bathroom.

They lulled me in. The box was so neatly packed. So silvery shiny. The warranty instructions tucked precisely into their little slots on the lid. This will be easy and fun! it seemed to promise.

I set aside my extra battery and memory card.

Ready to see the camera, I opened the lid!

Umm, okay. Instruction books, three separate ones, various pamphlets and a software cd. Stuff I need, yes. Especially the Instruction Book. Clever me, I quickly determined that two of the instruction books were in languages other than English. Into recycle they go.

I am Photographer Woman, hear me roar!

Feeling bold and decisive, I opened the next layer, ready to embrace my camera.

But no.

Do you see a camera here? Me neither. But look at that neatly folded center section. It must be in there.

Eagerly I opened the cardboard gates to find…


Lenses are good. I’ve never had any that weren’t, well, already permanently melded to the camer, but this is big girl stuff. I’m ready.

But why are there TWO? a small voice whimpers inside.

Well, I wanted to be able to do the telephoto thing. So one must be for that and the other is for… untelephoto stuff. I set the lenses in a Very Safe Spot. No – I am not afraid of them. We’ll be good friends soon. I just have to work up to that bit.

And no, I have absolutely NO idea what the black plastic rings are for. They get to live with the lenses for now.

Onward! (There must be a camera in here somewhere…)

Camera located!

Yeah, the lighting is bad on this picture, but I was overexcited at this point.

So here’s all of it. I at least know what most of the cords do, so I’ll get a grip there. I charged up the battery easily enough and inserted the flash card – all the same as my little Olympus point and shoot. My happy little training wheels camera with the pink tassels on the handlebars. That’s where the similarity to this lean, mean racing machine of a camera ends.

I mean, just look at the open pages of the instruction book.

I feel like I’m 19 and taking Organic Chemistry all over again.

Only I’m doing this for fun.

So, no – no photos from the new camera yet. You’ll be excited to know that I did insert the newly charged battery. And turned it on, yay!

I had figured out how to open the viewfinder display but, to my disappointment, there was only dismal black.

Then I remembered – lenses. Duh.

Hey, I’m working on it…

9 Replies to “Moving on Up”

  1. This camera scares the bejesus out of me as well. Taking a photo with it must be like taming a wild tiger. Hope you have some raw meat handy!

  2. Just looking at those pics intimidates me. I'm afraid I'm firmly mired in the point-n-shoot camp. (Actually, I'm lucky if I don't screw THAT up somehow.)

    But I'm really looking forward to seeing what you can accomplish with your new toy. I bet it'll be spectacular! 🙂

  3. Thanks Jen and Linda – you make me feel like less of a weenie for being so intimidated.

    It's just a tool, right? Just a tool…

  4. Speaking of tools, I can't believe Karen hasn't ditched Bob and upgraded to a David of her own, yet.

    Heh. Just kidding. Sorry, Uncle Bob.

    Anyway, my Linda will be ever so jealous. She has similar photographic aspirations.

  5. It's true – every woman should have a David of her own. Now you know what to get your Linda for Hanukkah/Christmas/Anniversary!

  6. That is one helluva camera…I think I'd have the same reaction. In fact, if I order something and it doesn't come in one package, I tend to sweat. So glad I stopped buying desktop computers *shudders*

  7. "But why are there two?"

    LOL! Ah, the fear and trepidation of new tech! Hope those swanky lenses came with a lined carrying case. My dad used to bark a blue streak when his lenses got scratched/covered in dog hair/smeared with child goo. I'm sure we'll all be gobsmacked by the Olympus pics.

  8. yes, exactly, KAK. I do NOT have a lined carrying case and now you have me all worried that I should have one! Gah! 😉

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